PRP Private Security

Mark Cummiskey of PRP Private Security provides security services at the range, both during and after hours, as part of his regular patrols.  Thank you Mark! PRP Private Security provides the following services for a wide clientele: Residential and commercial security; Post and patrols; Uniformed and plain clothes under cover; Courier services; Personal protection; Employee separations; Domestic standbys; Personal property […]

Wesley’s Trading Post

Wes Bullock of Wesley’s Trading Post provides many services and volunteer hours to us each year.  Wes accepts applications for the club and distributes range keys to members at his centrally located retail store.  Additionally, he allows our club to use his retail location as an unofficial “Lost & Found” and a meeting space for the Board of Directors.  Thank […]

Oregon Firearms Federation

The Oregon Firearms Federation has been fighting for the rights of Oregonians at both the state and local levels since being formed in 1998.  Along the way, OFF has fought and won quite a few battles and tirelessly acts as watchdog and lobbyist in the Oregon State Legislature, as well as local municipalities within the state. A multi-faceted organization, the […]