Range Rules


  1. It is the responsiblity of each member, participant
    and guest to follow all Big Tiber Rifle and Pistol
    Club (BTRPC) General Membership Rules as well
    as Standard and Specific Range Rules.
  2. All members must participate in a range
    orientation prior to being issued a gate key and
    using the ranges or facilities of the club.
  3. Members are responsible for the actions of their
    guests. Members will ensure their guests know
    and understand all BTRPC General Membership
    Rules as well as Range Rules and Emergency
    Procedures prior to the guests using the ranges
    or facilities of the club, and their guests abide by
    all such rules while on club property.
  4. Rule violations by guests may result in
    enforcement actions against both the guest and
    the hosting member.
  5. Anyone observing a violation of any rule must
    immediately bring it to the attention of a Range
    Safety Officer (if present) and/or the person
    committing the violation so corrective action may
    be taken and further violations may be avoided.
  6. The hunting or killing of any animals or birds on
    club property is structly forbidden at all times,
    whether domestic or wild, in season or out.
    Violations are criminal acts.
  7. Club property shall not be destroyed, moved
    between ranges or removed from the ranges by
    any person without specific permission from the
    Board of Directors. Violations are criminal acts.
  8. BTRPC ranges and facilities are unstaffed outside
    of formal events and scheduled training. Members
    present and using the ranges and facilities during
    unstaffed activities are expected to act as Range
    Safety Officers (RSO) for themselves and their
    guests, coordinating with others as required.
  9. Commandss of a RSO must be obeyed by all
    persons on that range, whether participating in
    activities or just observing.
  10. No alcoholic beverages or controlled substances
    are permitted on BTRPC property, including
    empty containers. In addition, no shooter
    scheduled to fire will be allowed to fire if it can be
    determined the shooter has been drinking an
    alcoholic beverage or is under the influence of a
    controlled substance before he/she is scheduled
    to shoot.
  1. A shooter who does not appear to be able to
    safely handle firearms for reasons of illness, or
    consumption of legal or illegal drugs, or for any
    unknown reason, will be removed from the range without firing. The RSO will make that decision. The decision of the RSO is final.
  1. All Certified Firearms Instructors who wish to
    conduct training of any sort on club property must
    first register with the BTRP Board of Directors
    before commencing training.
  2. Pets on club property must be on a leash or
    remain in vehicles.
  3. Smoking is not allowed in the classroom or within
    10 feet of the entrance to the classroom.
    Smokingn is limited to outside graveled areas.
    Smokers are to clean up after themselves,
    properly picking up and depositing used smoking
    materials in a trash can.
  4. Anyone observing repeated rule violations after
    the violator has been made aware of their
    violation, or severe violations resulting in theft or
    destruction of property or poaching, are asked to
    report violations to the Board of Directors andor
    the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office or the Oregon
    State Police as deemed appropriate for the
  5. Any violation of a General Membership Rule or
    Range Rule may result in a penalty up to and
    including the permanent revocation of your
    membership without reimbursement.