Emergency Procedures:

BTRPC has no provisions for emergency medical care on its ranges or property. It is the responsibility of each BTRPC member or event organizer to provide emergency medical equipment and support as necessary. Non-club events, i.e. Law Enforcement, defensive firearm training, group events, must provide a minimum of an emergency first aid kit, gunshot trauma kit and a qualified first aid provider to conduct events at BTRPC.

Emergency medical support is available from Siletz Volunteer Fire Department or Lincoln County Emergency Responders

Cell phone communications is very weak on BTRPC property. AT&T cell service works, however all other services are unavailable. Emergency 911 cell service is available from all providers, however, there is about a 30 second connection delay.

In the event of an emergency or incident on the range/BTRPC property contact the Club President or the Range Manager as soon as possible.