August Newsletter

JUNE WORK PARTYThis range day consisted of weed eating and cutting brush along the road and the usual general clean up on the ranges. __________ JULY WORK PARTYThis range day will consist of weed eating, mowing and general clean up of all ranges. Coffee and doughnuts will be provided. WANTED: 5 people to weedeat the ranges. Must bring your own […]

July Newsletter

JUNE WORK PARTYThe rifle and archery ranges were mowed. New target covers were installed on the 36″ and 30″ targets. We are still waiting for the 48″ target covers. A gate post was added to the main entry gate. A second flip up board for blue sky screen was added to the pistol range. JULY WORK PARTYThis range day will […]

Box of 22 short bullets

1/2 box of 22 short round nose bullets were left at the pistol range. Please claim at Wesley’s Trading Post

June Newsletter

MAY WORK PARTYThe rifle and pistol ranges were cleaned up. The target closet on the rifle range was cleaned and organized On the rifle range the steel targets were painted and 2MOA targets were placed at the 500 meter. The burn pile had been moved from the rifle range to the archery range earlier in the week so that did […]

Prescription Glasses

Prescription glasses found at the rifle range on 05/14/2022. The glasses have been taken to Wesley’s Trading Post in Newport.

Range Orientation/calendar

Range orientation will be required prior to issuance of your 2022/2023 range key. Please view the schedule for the range orientation class to determine which class will fit with your schedule. click on this post to download a printable schedule.